Tuesday, September 8


So, honestly, I really only saw two movies this weekend at the Telluride Film Festival. The lines were long & it was rainy, so I really didn't see as many films as I should have. Call me picky. Anyway, the two I did see, I really liked.

Up in the Air was funny, serious, and so very well done. Apparently the critics liked this film too - learn more here & here. The director, Jason Reitman, also directed Juno & Thank You For Smoking - both amazing films that I hope you have both seen.

An Education we saw at the outdoor theater on Friday night. I love watching films outside. Anyway, I did not like the ending - thought they tied everything up a bit too nicely - but I loved Carey Mulligan, one of the leads. This is her first film & I thought she was fantastic. I predict big things for her. So, if you girls get a chance, see these films at some point.

Hope you had fun weekends!

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