Tuesday, September 29

Card Catalog Contemplating

So, I am still mulling over how I am going to use my new purchase. Any ideas - I need help! Do I have a stand made? It currently sits on the floor (as shown in the image from the linked post). After doing a bit of research online, every card catalog seem to be off the ground. What is a girl to do here? Not that I really have room for yet another piece in this condo - on the floor or off.

PS. Don't you just l-o-v-e some of these rooms? Swoon.

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Rebecca said...

I would have it on a table or counter instead of on the floor because you don't want to have to bend over to get stuff out of it. Love these rooms. I like the set up of #2 on a table. Maybe it is a good excuse for some garage sales to look for a table to put it on. What about in the spot under the stairs where you posted a picture of your book shelf? would it fit there? I like the colored taps in the last photo.