Tuesday, September 15

Chalk It Up!

I came across this chalk figurine - "Buddha Gone Wild (AKA, Raise the roof Buddha)" - while reading this blog. According to Jean & Dylan from Ladies & Gentlemen: "L&G believes in taking that extra second to appreciate the inherent character in an already existing object. Before tossing that thingamajig to the curb, think about what's special about it; what it has been, what it is, what it can be."

I enjoy that by simply covering this figurine in something like chalkboard spray paint, someone looked at this object in a new light - and decided that Buddha needed a pink bikini bra.
Anything you have done as a means to interact with objects in new & interesting ways? What else have you repurposed?

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Becca said...

love the buddha in a bikini. Chalkboard spray paint - great idea!
Something repurposed...hmmm. feeling so uncreative right now and can't think of anything. I want a yard so I can repurpose kitchen stuff as various pots/planters. New goal - thinking about ways to turn old in to new by recreating, repurposing, re-appreciating.