Thursday, August 26

Rain, not go away...

It is my favorite season in Tucson - monsoons.  This week has been wonderful!  It all started with a dance in the rain on Saturday night with two of my favorite girls.  On Monday I watched a hail storm with crazy sideways rain from the porch of my office building - it was amazing!  On Tuesday I walked to the market in my rain boots.  

A few rain inspired items for you. 

yes - R is for rain.  

would love to hide under this...

 Love wellies! Why not a wellie t-shirt?

wall decals


Sonchia said...

Ugh - we have had so much rain here this summer that I am officially o-v-e-r rain. I need more sunny days before fall sets in for good.

All of this rain has brought about the best mushroom hunting around here in maybe 20 years - it is amazing & we are over run with the most amazing shrooms. Makes for some super yummy dinners.

I am sure the rain is a much welcome relief in Tucson though - to break the heat. The monsoons are some of my most favorite memories from college.

Wish we could dance in the rain together again this weekend. Do a jig by yourself while humming "Tiny Dancer."


Rebecca said...

I am jealous of all the mushrooms and moisture!
With you wanting less rain in Telluride and Tucson needing rain - maybe the perfect solution is for us to all live in 3 places - Tucson, Telluride and San Fran. Fun!!

I am singing Tiny Dancer in my head....ahhhh.

Sonchia said...

Tiny Dancer just came on Pandora. Sigh. Wish I was driving down to Phoenix tomorrow again.

CathyP said...

So we went to Tahoe to escape the was 65 and sunny in the city and it rained and was miserable in Tahoe. What can you do?