Sunday, August 1

Can we? Shall we?

After 2 wonderful weeks of exploring we made it home late Friday night.  

I am still in a fog.  I am very sad that the trip is over. 

I picked up this sweet cut-out card at a cute paper and book store in Edinburgh and gave it to Scott over coffee yesterday at Time Market on our last official day of vacation together.
"Can we, Shall we? One day, very soon, let us go away together, just you and me, call in sick and go to the sea and hold hands all day, eat our sandwiches on the train, get drunk on fresh air and come home tired and never tell anyone....ever?"

[designed by Rob Ryan for Roger la Borde]

I cannot wait to share pictures and inspirations from abroad with you all.  


Rebecca said...

ps. when catching up on my blogs today - I saw this post about Rob Ryan's cards as well. So sweet.

Whole Lotta Love

Check out Rob Ryans blog here:

growfamilygrow said...

Welcome home. We're still away a while. Enjoying the overcast and cool.

Sonchia said...

Welcome home lovely lady! So glad it was such a magical trip. Can't wait to hear more!