Monday, August 30

One Week....

And we are checking in here....amazing! Stone House 1854, in Little Compton, RI. It's all I can do to get through these next 3 days of work....pinch me please!

I already picked what I am having for dinner at the "pub"....1854 (I chose for KP too)
Swiss Fondue To Share - Grissini, Gherkins, Olives & Crusty Bread $8
Old Stone Orchard Seasonal Greens, Tiny Tomatoes, Fresh Herbs & Citrus Vinaigrette $6
Maine Halibut Fish & Chips, Hand Cut Fries, Creole Remoulade & Grilled Lemon $16
Run Dog Run Farms Chicken Pot Pie - Beanhouse Farms Vegetables, Vermouth, Simple Greens $13
Platter Of Hand Crafted Fudge For The Table $7
Birch Beer Float, Vanilla Gelato, Little Cookies $6

They have bikes for you to use, it is close to some historic mansions, and basically I am thinking of moving to Rhode Island before I have even been there! There are also signature cocktails in the afternoon, a.m. yoga, and I am thinking the breakfast is going to be a little more than "continental"
I love 1854!


Rebecca said...

C!!! This looks amazing! I cannot wait to hear all about it! Your meal sounds so good - my mouth is watering.

So jealous!!

Sonchia said...

I expect photos missy. So jealous. Have a ball.