Thursday, August 26

Four Eyes

So, I am in desperate need of new glasses. Seriously. I am wearing ancient frames - hand-me-downs that I broke recently. They now sit totally wonky on my face. On most days, I wear contacts, so finding replacement frames has been really low on the priority scale.

Lately I have been seeing a lot of cool frames around the blog-o-sphere. Maybe it is because it is back to school time and everyone is feeling very collegiate? Whatever the reason, I have been seeing some great frames out there that are super cool & super inexpensive - two of my most favorite things. One problem with all of this is that I can't just pop into an online store to try on a pair of frames...or can I?

I just came across this cool site by Warby Parker. This site has an amazing feature where you can upload a photo and virtually "try on" any of their frames. Below is my current pick. Think I should "try on" anything else?

My frames of choice at the moment - Huxley in the Crystal Tortoise.
I am sort of digging their hipster vibe.

Me. In the frames. Looking surly. It felt weird to smile for a web cam.


Rebecca said...

S!!! I love them! You look beautiful and classic. Yes, a bit of the hipster vibe in a good way. Not over the top (like the trucker hats we saw this weekend).


Anonymous said...

Seconding the love, plus they have a cool name. My puppy named Huxley just passed away two weeks ago. I would personally take it as a tribute to him if you got these. See, now you have to get them. Okay, maybe not really.

Matthew said...

hey, have you seen my stack of old, obscure albums?

just kidding. rock them and then solve the riddles of the universe.

CathyP said...

I think these are v.chic....
Imagine you are in your office...your hair in a messy bun. In walks a "Scientist"....MEEEEOOOWW sister.

You look great in anything by the way :)