Friday, August 5

Friday Faves

Hi all. Another week has wizzed past. Where is summer going? I feel as though I have barely had time to enjoy any of it. Hope everyone is having a lovely summer and have some fun this weekend!

I remain infatuated by table skirts.

So pretty in pink.

These geode earrings rock.

Seriously. Check out this kitchen. Perfection.

A bike seat on a wall? Love.

Yep. I dig it.

Thinking someone around here might deserve this. Possible weekend project for me - yay.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Did the weekend project happen? That is so cute.
Also that bike seat - can so see that in your casa.

That kitchen....ahh that kitchen. Love it so.

I agree - where did summer go? I am in total denial and students come back soon!!!