Wednesday, December 1

Help me...

...pick out a couch or two.  Living room remodel in full effect.  Scott told me to "ask the girls" their opinions.  My perspective - get comfy sectional couch that still looks good.  Scott's perspective - more sleek and modern with 2 couches.  We are turning the living room a different direction and will have more room to accommodate sectional or 2 couches.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Help.  


 [I like all the colors under "Cotton Basketweave" @ West Elm]

[orange sectional - sort of like the color scheme we have now @CB2]

2 couches instead of sectional could include 1 that is like a traditional couch and one that is more like a chaise lounge or flat part of a sectional?  See some of the options below: 

 [My lame attempt at trying to add 2 couches to one picture- above - Draper couch @ CB2, and orange sectional part @CB2 - below Draper couch again in diff. color and green daybed @ CB2 ]

Thoughts? There are more couches we have talked about - but all sort of look like the posted listed here...


Sonchia said...

I love that I have an album in my iPhoto entitled "Becca's Tucson Loft." Do you remember me taking photos of your loft last time I was down there for a visit? No? Well I did (tee hee).

My thoughts...I am with Scott. I say two sofas in a neutral tone. I like the CB2 Draper sofa you guys are considering. Sofas are pricey - get something neutral in case you guys move sometime. And then add pops of color with pillows, rugs, throws, other accessories. Modern, clean, practical.

I am not into the daybeds - they seem chunky.

Sectionals are good if you need to maximize space. You guys have space - so I say go with two sofas. It will look modern (as I said) but classic.

So, there is my vote. Keep us updated & post photos. I want to see this reconfiguration and such.


chrischaos said...

the second one! of course.

Rebecca said...

Scott wanted me to clarify he did not want 2 couches - he wants one couch (draper) and a bigger chair (like the middle part of the orange sectional not the long part).

CathyP said...

I like those low leather loungers...are they called a "barcelona" or something? Will look for photos.

I like 2 sofas over 1 sectional...UNLESS, and you have the space for this, you get a really big sectional...nice and low.

Will look for more photos