Saturday, December 11


The latest issue of Lonny Magazine is out & it is filled with all kinds of hotness. Yep, inspiration galore. I have been drooling over this issue all day. My favorite parts? See below.

Confetti table cloth, polka dot napkins, gold flatware. So much goodness in one place.

This pendant? Perfection.

One day I want a sofa in a nook. With scones on the side. Amazing.

This wallpaper is simply gorgeous. I love it so very much.

This needs to be dangling off my wrist. As in immediately.

And finally, this lamp couldn't possibly be any cuter. Want. Badly.

Your favorite parts?

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Rebecca said...

the lamp! Ahhh! Love. all these lovely photos. Have to get though this week at work and then I will curl up (on the computer) and spend some time with lonny.