Friday, December 3

Once an RA...

...always an RA (as in Resident Advisor).  
I decorated my door at work complete with a take-home art project for students. 
I am a geek (or I was bored at work). 



Sonchia said...

Holy crap you are crafty!

Where can THIS girl get your wreath template & directions? I think this would be a perfect weekend project & would make my roommate happy - he is leaving for a week for work in Argentina and is sad that the house is so not festive. Thinking of trying to put some stuff up while he is gone to surprise him upon his return!

Rebecca said...

I got the leaf template here:

But since I am making at work I used green paper and a paper plate to make the wreath. Basically I stapled it all together.

I love this heart of light version that looks fancier and more put together.

Let me know how the decorating goes!

Sonchia said...

I like! Will try to give this a whirl this weekend. Hmmm.