Wednesday, December 2

Noel Night

Tonight is "Noel Night" here in Telluride. The first Wednesday of December is dedicated to everything "buy local." Tonight the entire town comes out for great deals at all of our local shops...door prizes, grab bag deals, serious discounts, and cocktails. It is small town living at its finest. We all see one another on the street, talk about great deals we found, and catch up on holiday plans. With only about 4 blocks of shops, you are bound to run into everyone in town at some point. Are you all planning on buying local this holiday season? Any holiday shopping traditions to share. Noel Night in Telluride is a serious holiday tradition around these parts! Happy hunting!


CathyP said...

oh this is so fun!
I will post on what I am buying soon...

Rebecca said...

What a great idea! Trying to buy local - read an article that buying local puts 70 cents on the dollar back in to Tucson versus 10 cents back in to the city for buying at a chain. We don't do gifts (donations to selected organizations instead) with my family. With Scott's family we do gifts.

Wish I was in T-ride tonight!