Saturday, December 3

Around the house...

Today I went home and it was strange. Besides a couple minutes here and a couple of minutes there, I honestly have not been home in six weeks or more. As in, I have not slept in my bed since early October I believe. I have been staying at the shed.

But I came home. It feels nice. We have been spending a lot of time visiting the shed lately on the blog here (don't worry, there are more posts to come), but for today, let's take a [very] little tour around my house.

The bathroom. On my counter sits an old baking tin with things I use - salts for baths, lotion, q-tips, various makeup brushes and such, a candle, and a little battery radio so I can listen to NPR in the morning when I am getting ready. And another flashcard so I can remind myself to "bounce" to it in the morning.

A little bedside vignette. Yes, the lampshade is supposed to be broken, I kind of like it that way. A little ornament frame that I spray painted and hung on the wall using a ribbon has a picture of my dog's namesake, Madison Square in Savannah. Next to it is a framed Sanborn Map of Savannah. Also, remember this silhouette of my dog that I made? Hmm - this seems to be quite the dog/Savannah corner now that I think of it. On top of the frames are wooden models of buildings from NYC from MOMA, my initials in old typewriter keys, a shell found on a beach, and this matchstick case.

A little shelf in my bedroom. Jars of sand from two of my favorite beaches. My initials in old letter blocks. A silly owl from Urban Outfitters. An ikat bowl from Anthropologie full of Japenese washi paper tape. That white thing? That is a card - remember this? Yes - that is an alligator head (from the Farmers Market in New Orleans probably 20 years ago). On the wall is a drawing by the wonderful Molly (there is a long story behind this - for another time maybe), a little mirror, yet another flashcard, and a print from Made By Girl.

The [cluttered] gallery wall behind my TV. Every piece on that wall has a meaning. Do I dare bore you with links to everything and explain what everything is? Ask me in the comments if you want additional information about anything.

And, my bed. Though not used, it is unmade and disheveled. Oh well. Just so you know, there is a loft above my bed that is a little home office.

Ah, home.

Thanks for letting me tour my house a little. Now back to the shed...

(Apologizes for the crappy iPhone photos - the only "camera" I had)

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Rebecca said...

I love your casa. The "bounce" and stuff on the tray on the kitchen was one of my favorite little Sonchia touches when I visited.

The details and personal stories behind each item - I love that they each tell a story.

What about the framed photo to the right of the TV. Behind the lamp. What is it?