Tuesday, December 13

All I want for Christmas...

On my wishlist to Santa this year...

Antler hook. Not sure where I would put it, but I am sure I would find a spot.

This watch. MCB says I can't have one - since he already has one of his own. I don't care. I love it and want one anyway.

I continue on the hunt for the perfect pair of black boots worthy enough for me to drop some serious money on. These are a top contender.

I love this neon scarf. The perfect pop of color.

I have nowhere to use such a fancy bag, but darn if I don't love it. Like lots.

Sharpies. Obsession is not strong enough of a word.

These hand towels. Yes.

This is a good reminder.

I know I have already posted about this bracelet. Too bad. It is lovely.

This cutting board would fulfill my OCD tendencies.

Yes, another scarf. I am sort of into this loopy scarf things all of a sudden. This one looks light and versatile enough to sport year round here in the mountains.

What are YOU asking from Santa this year?

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Such good stuff!! Always love your lists. did you know sharpie has fabric pens now? I want to try out.

As far as what I am asking Santa for? We are venturing to Southern California for some rest and relaxation! Woo hoo!!! So I am asking for good weather.