Friday, December 9

Shed Series: Random Bits/What Makes a House a Home

So as I mentioned in the last shed post, we are done touring the rooms of the shed. I wanted to end the shed series though with some other images...and have decided to name this post: Random Bits/What Makes a House a Home. Because any house is more than just the rooms inside, it is the people and the memories that make it "home."

MCB - the man, the myth, the shed owner. Do you notice all the red walls behind him? I cannot express how happy I am that they have disappeared. MCB was a busy worker-bee in this picture and throughout everything (mostly) kept that cute smile on his face.

The flooring. Oh boy. There was lots of flooring. Even Anabelle here is amazed by all of the flooring. Thank goodness for MCB's folks - both sets of parents were amazing throughout the entire shed renovation. Thank you Chris, Becky, VW, and Molly!

MCB painting doors on a lovely sunny day.

At one point there was no sink or stove in the shed. Thank goodness for instant coffee (even if it is Starbucks) and a Jet Boil. We would not have survived without these things.

Thankfully the fridge remained plugged in during the renovation. We had cold beers. We drank them. What remained in the fridge throughout the renovation? One sad Bud.

A much needed coffee upgrade arrived once the stove got installed. Yay!

Building furniture, painting, cleaning, and more can be exhausting. Here I am at the end of my rope one night. At least the couch was finished for me to curl up on.

Finally, pretty things have a home. MCB's favorite coffee cups are unpacked.

Our first breakfast in the shed. Things are coming together.

MCB - self portrait. The man has a home he can live in now. A shower and a new robe does a man good - he is happy - thumbs up to the shed.

Our first dinner in the shed. MCB cooked salmon caught in Alaska by his Uncle. It was, as you can imagine, delicious.

Anabelle enjoys the sunshine in her new home. The light in the shed is amazing.

Beside coffee, a few of these may have helped get us through the harder times.

A few of MCB's favorites: coffee, his favorite coffee cup, new counters, and the amazing sunshine in the shed. What a great way to start the day.

The IKEA shelves have proven their worth in many ways. The latest discovery? They do a great job of drying skins after an early season ski touring session.

The infamous grolla. Yum.

MCB partakes. And makes a wish (part of the custom).

The shed gets photographed for a magazine spread. Not sure if they make it available digitally. If so, I will be sure to share the story/layout with everyone here.

Cheers to a happy home!

Yep, the shed is pretty wonderful. Nothing like a cold beer on a cold night to celebrate a job well done. Come by soon to share a beer - promise there is more than a lonely Bud in the fridge now.

See you soon.


tellurideknight said...

awesome, Sonchia.

Sonchia said...

You are next BK. But not for a while. You aren't allowed to move yet.

Rebecca said...

love these last shots of the shed series. I grew up in a home of constantly redoing kitchens, bathrooms, old homes, etc. It is tiring, but rewarding. So love it!