Thursday, December 8

Shed Series: Bedroom

So, here we are - at the end of the shed series. The shed is small and there are only so many rooms to cover. And the bedroom, that is the last room to visit. First, get ready to get your mind blown by the awesomeness of the bedroom, cause it is pretty darn amazing. Sadly though, this is our last room...but keep checking back to this here blog for updates. A house is not a static thing and lots will change - and I will be sure to share all that happens around the shed.

With all this said - how about we take a look at the bedroom.

Before. Sigh. This image is - again - the only "before" image we have. As you can see there is one window. Since the bedroom (and entire downstairs for that matter) sits below the ground, this is a window well that only lets in a little light. To note: this image was taken at night, it is not this dark all of the time.

Here you can see the former owner's bed - propped up on cinder blocks to provide storage under the bed. The furniture placement is pretty awkward here. This room is small - like seriously small - so to stuff it with so much furniture made it feel even smaller.

A "during" shot. The carpet was ripped out and this is before the walls were painted. Again, before the epic IKEA adventure, some space planning took place.

Following the epic IKEA adventure, a l-o-t of furniture building took place. The biggest project of them all was the construction of the bed. I believe it took about 3 hours total to put this monster together.

And, here I am after the bed was finally finished. Yippee!

So, now that we have gutted the room, installed new floors, painted, and built all of the furniture...let's get a tour of the completed room. Come on in...

Here is the bed. And that is basically it. Honestly. This room is small - minute actually. So all that fits is the bed...which is fine since all you do in a bedroom is sleep anyway.

Everything in here is from IKEA. The headboard was a genius discovery by MCB. Since there is really not enough room for proper nightstands, this headboard has these adjustable shelves that sit off the ground. The photo above the bed is from MCB's friend (and talented photographer) Nick Wolcott. The lamps are ones I had in storage that I had in my apartment in Savannah. These lamps clamp to the headboard - freeing up much needed space on the shelves for other items.

Here is the only closet in the entire shed. The room is too small for a door, so I bought a curtain and a tension rod from Target as a solution to cover up the closet. This closet holds all of MCB's clothes and the large water heater.

So, here is the bed. It is so cozy and comfortable. But...there is a secret hiding in this bed.

And, voila! The mattress sits on special hinges that allow it to lift up and stay up. The room is too small for any type of storage that slides out from the sides or the ends or anything like that. So, this IKEA box spring is genius as it lifts up for easy access.

Here is MCB's side of the bed. He has a random collection of things on his nightstand shelves. Questions about anything? Ask in the comments section.

And, here is my side of the bed. I have my own little collection of things on my shelves too. And, below the shelves...a basket. This is what I am allotted. I have a basket for my clothes since there is very little storage. Occasionally I transfer clothes between my house and the shed, but really, it has been amazing to discover how very little I need and the various combinations of outfits I can create with only a few items.

So, this is the bedroom.

Hope you have enjoyed touring around the shed. Like I said, make sure to check in often as I will be sure to post shed updates, but also to share other projects happening around my house, friend's houses, Telluride, and more.

Thanks for visiting! Plan a trip to Telluride to visit in person soon or swing by the shed if you are in town for that cocktail I mentioned.


smc said...

I literally gasped at the unveiling of the secret storage under the bed. AMAZING! You're so clever, a miracle-worker. The before pic was awful. Bravo, my friend, bravo.

Rebecca said...

ditto to smc. Bravo! That bed. That headboard. You know I appreciate any storage since we are also in a 1 closet loft. So cannot wait to see this in person sometime!