Monday, December 5

Shed Series: Bathroom

Time to enter the bathroom at the shed. I know, not terribly exciting, but hopefully a little bit inspiring. A lot of work was done in here. So, if you need to go, now you now.

Oh how I wish we had more "before" images to share. What you can see...a gross wood/laminate vanity, wood towel/tp bars, the linoleum tile floor, the shower door, and a hint of the door that opens to the washer/dryer closet. What you cannot see...the gross wood/laminate medicine cabinet, a weird wire rack shelf thing (I have no idea how to even describe it), and another horribly painted red wall (off frame on the right side of image). Sure it worked, but it was t-i-r-e-d.

So enter gutting the bathroom. Mostly. The shower stayed. So did the toilet. Everything else ended up in the dumpster - thankfully.

I haven't mentioned this yet, but every light fixture in the house got replaced. There were gross iron type sconces in the upstairs and downstairs were these weird caged things (can you sort of see it here?). MCB ended up getting some new fixtures at IKEA - for both upstairs and downstairs. They are pretty basic, affordable, efficient, and non-offensive. The best part, MCB learned (on his own) how to install every single light. It is nice when you feel like you can do things on your own instead of paying know?

So, here is the "after." The floors are updated and feel so nice. The vanity, sink, faucet, medicine cabinet, and wall storage thing are all new and simple. It feels so much bigger and brighter in the shed bathroom.

The walls and trim got painted. So did the door to the washer/dryer closet. All that is in here is a stacked washer/dryer - so nice to have this in the shed.

All new hooks and holders from IKEA as well. Above the toilet is the storage cube thing - which is nice additional room for extra towels and other supplies. In the frame are a bunch of Red Cross pins and such that MCB found and put together in a shadow box - he is crafty that one.

And, here is the sink. It is super tiny, but totally functional.

The sink is really deep. It came with hooks on the side to hang towels off of, a soap dish, and this tray thing. When we unpacked it all and put the tray on the sink I remember thinking - "I will never use this." Guess what, I use it all of the time. It holds a myriad of things...rings when I wash my hands, my hairbrush when I blow dry my hair, makeup, lotions, etc. Pretty smart thinking IKEA.

And, remember this? This bag is from Best Made Company (the one who makes all of the axes we saw on the stair post). This gets used as a hamper in the bathroom. And reminds us...yes, everything here really is wonderful.

The last room - the bedroom - is coming up next. And then the shed series will be done. Sad.


Erin said...

Looks lovely! By the way, Oh Joy! featured a Best Made Co. axe in a gift guide today:

Rebecca said...

You are right - so smart IKEA with that awesome functional sink. As with the whole shed - the broom update is amazing. The floor,everything. You all have been BUSY!

MCB said...

sonchia helped me build every. single. thing. the one thing she didn't, I nearly broke and actually bent... Of course.


Sonchia said...

Erin - I did see that!

Rebecca - It was a busy month. Glad we can relax and enjoy now.

MCB - Yes I did. You are welcome.