Monday, November 28


I know I owe you all more shed photos. Don't worry, they are ready to post - all of the images are uploaded and everything - so I promise more to come soon.

In the meantime, I just had to share a little project that took place over Thanksgiving this year. MCB and I had the pleasure of visiting his family in Steamboat Springs for the holiday. And no visit would be complete without a follow-up post about something crafty happening - I mean, remember these people?

So, while the turkey was cooking (In a paper bag no less - have you ever heard of such a thing? It was delicious!), we got started on table decorations. Molly purchased all of the fixings...and here is how everything turned out.

We had some small pumpkins that we cleaned out and filled with water.

A bunch of [inexpensive] beautiful flowers were trimmed and piled together.

And then stuffed in the pumpkin - voila! So easy, festive, and cute.

We made three.

And here is the table.

Lots to be thankful this year...hope you all had wonderful Thanksgiving holidays as well.


MCB said...

yay! looks great!

Rebecca said...

lovely! love the pumpkin with flowers. :)