Friday, November 18


...crawling out of the rabbit hole I jumped down.

It has been 1 week from the wedding and I am still recovering.  It was magical, emotional, beautiful, tiring, and a work of art.  I am sure I will post more pics as we get the professional photos, but here is a peek from Bree and Claude's wedding....well mostly the design stuff because I am proud of our work.  We transformed a space that is no longer a restaurant in to a 4 room space for eating, dancing, drinking, etc.  Plus an outside there was a photobooth, fire pit, and cocktail space.  Wow.

A shaky video of the procession:   This does not do it justice - but you can hear the awesome bagpipes and drums.  I cried through the entire service.

the entrance - flags designed and assembled 
the entry way and bar
amazing photo wall with family pics 
 this is where I spent many many hours....
please note the chair covers - those were made by me. :) 
dancing, belly dancers and karaoke happened here  
cake cut with a sword 


growfamilygrow said...

Oh wow! I think you guys have a whole 'nother career option in wedding planning. Beautiful

Sonchia said...

Becca - you are a miracle worker! Holy cow! Amazing. You could totally become a wedding planner/designer - beautiful. I hope you had lots of cocktails and shook your bootie all night long. Fun! More more more please.

Rebecca said...

The design and vision was all Bree. I was a good worker bee.

Yes yes - many yummy glasses of wine and dancing (plus some intoxicated karaoke) was so on!

More pics as the professional ones come out.