Friday, November 11

This week...

Whew. Thank heavens it is Friday. Honestly. I hate to be a downer and I hate to complain - really I do - particularly in a space that is supposed to be full of pretty things and a source for inspiration..this week has been a doozie though. I feel drained and overwhelmed. I have been doing my best to keep my chin up, but man it has been hard. Here are a few things that helped make this week a little brighter - or at least interesting.

Sorry to vent. Hoping next week things are back on track. I know in your worlds there are weddings this weekend and babies to swoon over. Here's to a weekend full of love and baby cuddles. See you on the other side.

Telluride Brewing Company finally opened! Rebecca and Scott - wish we could be sharing a beer together this weekend. Matt and his motley crew got on their snow bikes (Pugsley) and rode across the valley floor to the brewery after work the other night. Matt was very proud of his hunting and gathering when he arrived back home with a delicious growler of beer for us to share.

I had to go up to Montrose on Wednesday for a doctors appointment. I won't go into details, but please please make sure to not only wear gobs of sunscreen, but it must contain zinc oxide. Anyway, while there I went to the "big" supermarket to pick up some items. This was a display inside. So absolutely random. Cause when you are shooting elk, someone better bring the Gouda.

It is the weird "in-between" season here. Too cold and wet to bike, but not enough snow to really ski just yet. I took the dogs on an afternoon snow hike. And, yes, it was as cold and dreary as it looks.

Gave a presentation at one of our local schools for work. They have a huge wall dedicated to student artistic interpretations of bikes. I went a little nuts snapping photos. I absolutely loved this project.

The dogs got new toys this week. Belle sniffed hers and has been snuggling with it all week. Maddie immediately destroyed hers - I have never seen so much stuffing!

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Rebecca said...

let me just say how happy i am that you got an iphone. so loving your pictures.
I want to be at the new brewery with you!!!!
The bike inspired art - love.
Hope that this weekend is filled with fun stuff!! xoxo