Thursday, November 3

Coming Soon...

I know I have been saying it forever now (it seems), but I promise, shed before and afters are coming soon. I finally have some before photos. MCB & his Dad are "doers" and just went in and started demo before I could really get the images I wanted for my "before" shots. So, I have some that the boys took, just not the ones I really wanted. What I wanted to show you was just how bad the shed was as it is so wonderful now. A little bit of touch up paint still needs to happen, a little styling and then I can get some great "after" shots.

Until then, I leave you with this - a demo photo. In it you can see the gross carpet/linoleum being removed. Also, you can see the blood red wall that was the bane of my existence - so many coats to cover - why were the renters allowed to use that horrid color? Also notice the door trim - horrible teal. All of the window/door trim throughout the shed was painted teal and purple (to, you know, coordinate with the red?). It took two coats of primer and four coats of paint to cover up that trim - and touch-ups are still happening. Ugh.

Thanks for your patience while I get these images pulled together.
I cannot wait to share MCB's shed with you guys! Soon - promise.

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Rebecca said...

love that you are getting some before and after shots!