Sunday, November 20

Shed Series: And so it begins...

Yes, and so it begins. I have finally been able to pull together all of the shed photos - from before, during, and after. While there aren't as many "before" images as I would like, hopefully the ones I do have will give you all the sense of what the shed once looked like and what it has since become.

I plan on going room by room (don't worry, it is small so it won't take too long) with my posts.

So, let's get started - welcome to 586.5 West Pacific in Telluride, Colorado.

Here is the shed from the first day we had an opportunity to visit. The sign on the front side is to indicate that this shed will be reviewed by our local HARC (Historic Architectural Review Commission) Board. The lot the shed sits on will, one day, get developed. Since Telluride is a historic district, this means that there is a volunteer board that reviews all development plans within the town to ensure their compliance with prescribed guidelines in order to maintain Telluride's historic character.

This shed is a "protected" building within the town's historic guidelines. Probably built near the turn of the last century, this means that this shed cannot be altered. The shed adds to the historic character of the town in that Telluride has a mix of high Victorian homes, railroad warehouse buildings, small miner cabins, and many sheds. These sheds must maintain their rough exteriors, cannot be added onto, and may not be moved from their original locations.

The shed went before the HARC board as the front house on the lot will be renovated and the middle (now open) portion of the lot will be developed - as an addition to the front house. The shed will remain exactly where it is and how it looks.

Here is the happy little house. All 491 sq ft.

The shed is covered in a plethora of materials like rough hewn boards and various types of metal siding - in both vertical and horizontal configurations.

This is the view from the shed - lots of big condos in the area.

MCB wasn't digging the taupe colored front door.

So, it is now green.

Here is the front door on a recent snowy day. We are now on the hunt for some cool "numbers" to put on the front door. Maybe a stencil? Maybe some nail on metal type numbers? Who knows.

Also, I want to note this now - with two dogs between us, you will find dogs creeping into many of the images. Cannot be helped. Woof.

There is a little patio type area out front of the shed. Right now it houses bikes - MCB's townie and the tandem (aka. USS Montana).

So, welcome to the shed. It is cute, it is cozy, and I cannot wait to show you around.


smc said...

Can't wait to see more!

kong said...

what lies behind the window?

Rebecca said...

and so it begins! that view. wow. it is so cute and cozy and I can't wait to see more!