Wednesday, March 14

Been down Two times

Love that my sister spotted these amazing necklaces with song lyrics engraved on them. As Fleetwood Mac fanatics (and timely lyrics for events in our family this year) we ordered matching necklaces that say "been down...two times" in honor of this awesome song.
 You can even order other words to be engraved on to the cute! 

[from Erica Weiner

Fleetwood Mac's - Never going back again


Lauren Conroy said...

not sure what brought me to your blog today...cathy sent me the link ages ago, but so happy cuz those necklaces are awesome :)
hope you are good, girly

Rebecca said...

Lauren - we both got the necklaces in the mail the other day and they are so cute in person! Highly recommend! Always love your Pinterest posts and happy you came across our blog. :)